Cleve Archers Ltd

Using our own resources, in 2013 we purchased a five-acre agricultural field. We have subsequently developed the site (after obtaining planning permission) for an outdoor archery range and are in the process of building a clubhouse which incorporates an indoor shooting range.

Aside from hosting tournaments on site, a larger venue and clubhouse/indoor shooting range will enable us to host school visits, seminars for ourselves and other clubs in the region and be a ‘home’ for other sports clubs and community groups who need a reasonably-priced indoor venue.

In putting together our plans over the past seven years, we have been supported by Archery GB, Grand Western Archery Society, Gloucestershire Archery Society, South Gloucestershire Council, Sita, Enovert, Woodland Trust, Forest of Avon Trust and Sport England.

Cleve Archers was founded in 1960 and it is very fitting that in our 60th year we have fulfilled a long-held vision of owning our own archery range and commenced the build of our clubhouse.

We have ensured the long-term sustainability of the club by providing a viable sports venue and attracting a regular influx of new members from the local and wider communities.

Cleve Archers are committed to providing a multifunctional sports facility in the local area and creating an environment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to engage in archery.

With the support of our members and volunteers, the Business Plan we have developed will in time translate into milestones of which we can be proud.