Woodland Trust

The planting of 500 trees is complete and we are currently maintaining the area. The planting will have numerous benefits, enhancing the landscape and creating privacy, shade and shelter for the site as well as creating a wonderful habitat for wildlife, a place for the club members to enjoy, and potentially providing a useful wood fuel and timber resource for the years to come.

The woodland planting area is measured at approximately 0.55 ha in total. The soil is characterised as freely draining slightly acid loamy soil.

The area is planted with a mix of native broadleaf species to create natural looking woodland areas.

Woodland Trust suggest the following species that will grow well on the soil. The species chosen are all native to the UK and all offer benefits to wildlife in different ways.

Tree species  

50 x pedunculate oak

50 x aspen

50 x bird cherry

50 x rowan

25 x alder

50 x field maple

25 x crab apple

25 x goat willow

50 x silver birch

25 x sweet chestnut

Shrub species

25 x spindle

25 x dogwood

25 x elder 50 x hazel

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