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New Field Update

Down Yonder 22 July 2019. Finishing the groundwork and levelling the spoil at the end of the range.

Down Yonder 18 July 2019. Extending and levelling the range. A work party with rakes required to prepare the front end of the range for seeding.

Down Yonder 15 July 2019. Wheelchair parking, access and ramp completed.

Down Yonder 12 July 2019. Disabled parking, ramp and range access. Planned completion Monday. Extended the width of the range and filled some dips.

Down Yonder 10 July 2019. Soakaway, wheelchair parking, ramp and access nearing completion.

Down Yonder 5 July 2019. Paul's nicely mown archery range and the bed being laid for the wheelchair access.

Down Yonder 28 June 2019. Drainage being laid ready for inspection. Had to dig through a large section of rock for the trench.

Down Yonder 24 June 2019. Preparing the field for mowing. Any Volunteers??

Down Yonder 14 June 2019. The sun finally showed its face!! Slowly but surely, Ian trying his hand tonight. 3/4 of the field now strimmed. Another 6 hours will see it finished.

Would like to thank Gary and his amazing team for undertaking the impossible and creating an impressive and professional result in a day and a half. Congratulations to you all. Quite inspiring.

Down Yonder 31 May 19. The first blocks being laid for the slab retaining wall.

Down Yonder 29 May. Clubhouse Foundations.

Down Yonder 24 May 2019. Car Park being laid.

Down Yonder 26 May 2019. Work started at the new field today on the car park and wheelchair access. The Grass is knee high and must be cut soon!!

Down Yonder 26 February 2019. Ground survey today at the new field at Moorend.

Down Yonder 22 January 2019. Day 5 Moorend Field. Starting to dig our clubhouse area.

Down Yonder 17 January 2019. Start Phase 2 of the Moorend Project. Car park, clubhouse foundations, and drainage..