cleve archers supporting archery in south gloucestershire and bristol

Welcome to Cleve Archers

Membership to Cleve Archers allows you Dawn to Dusk access to our field all year round with the exception of 9.30am - 12.00pm on Saturday morning during the summer months (April - October) which is reserved for our thriving Junior club.  You can also receive coaching from our team of club coaches or sign up for one of our Boost Archery sessions to help improve your shooting.

Cleve Archers also offers indoor shooting during the winter but this is not included in the Club Membership fees.

To join Cleve Archers (or any archery club) you will need to complete a beginners' course.  Cleve Archers run beginners' courses for adults and courses for Juniors and Parents.  If you have completed a beginners' course with another club and wish to join Cleve Archers then please contact us so that we can arrange a quick review with one of our coaches.

Membership fees for Cleve Archers is comprised of Club Membership and affiliations to the County, Regional and National governing bodies for archery.  If you are already a member of Gloucestershire Archery Society, Grand Western Archery Society or Archery GB then please get in contact with our membership secretary to discuss you fees.

Current club members who wish to spread their cost of their membership can set up a Direct Debit to pay their club membership and affiliations in quarterly instalments.  For more information please contact the membership secretary.

Membership Fees

Annual fees for the year commencing 1 July 2019. 

These fees are for joining on 1 July 2019 – if you wish to join at any time during the annual period to 30 June 2020, please contact our Membership Secretary for the current cost.

Annual fees as at 1 July 2019 Club Membership Affiliations Total
Archery GB Gloucestershire Archery Society Grand Western Archery Society
Juniors (under 18 on 1/10/19) £25.00 £12.00 £2.00 £1.00 £40.00
Seniors (under 25 on 1/10/19) £40.00 £12.00 £6.00 £3.00 £61.00
Seniors (over 25) £80.00 £47.00 £12.00 £6.00 £145.00
Disability £80.00 £12.00 - - £92.00
Non shooting £10.00 £10.00