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Coaching Resources

Archery GB Coach Library

There are a variety of specific archery and general sports resources available designed to help coaches learn and improve their coaching.

Coaching Resources

Grand Western Archery Society Coaching Page is on Facebook

Here are links to 2 of World Archery coaching manuals that will assist the club coach interested in teaching the fundamentals of archery to the novice and more advanced archer.

To download the manuals you will need to set up an account with or you can simply view them online.

World Archery (WA) Coach's Manual Entry Level

"This Entry Level (World Archery level 1) coaching manual is the culmination of many
thoughts and documents provided by many top coaches throughout the Archery Fraternity".

"It has been found that people who understand the technical fundamentals and can demonstrate them correctly are usually good coaches. Therefore, in this manual, the priority has been on good teaching with a strong emphasis on the visualization and demonstration of the different technical steps".

"We would like to encourage all coaches to read this manual and to use it as a main tool in their coaching activities".

Download this Manual

World Archery (WA) Coach's Manual Level 2

"The success of the level one manual has shown that there is a worldwide need for this kind of tools. We are convinced that the level two will fulfil the same purpose and will make it possible for archers to advance in all of our member associations".

"We hope that this manual will help to evolve the coaching of our sport and FITA doesn't have the pretension to say that this is the only way. In archery there are several ways to get to the 10 and as long as it is a safe and healthy way we can only encourage you in your approach".

"Enjoy the reading, Use this tool and most important: TEACH IT TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN".

Download this Manual