Club Target Day

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Cleve Archers Outdoor League

Over the outdoor season the club is running an outdoor league.  Rounds for the League must be shot at a junior club session, club target day or an open competition.

Your first 3 shoots will be used to determine a starting handicap (average handicap of the first 3 rounds) since most handicaps from 2019/20 are missing or not reflective of current shooting.

Rounds shot at a junior club session or club target day must start at the minimum distance shown in the table below or further.   The minimum distance you need to shoot is determined by handicap rather than age so that new members can easily join the league.

Minimum Distance Handicap Recurve/Compound Handicap Barebow
Distance (y) Distance (m) Gents Ladies Gents Ladies
40 40 70 65 70 73
50 50 61 56 69 67
60 60 50 50 60 59
80 70 40 41 53 54
100 90 31 50

Rounds shot at an open competition should be either the minimum distance as above or the appropriate round for your age group, if shorter.  If you want to use a round shot at an open competition, please send a link to the results to Declan using the Contact Form.

Your position in the league is determined by your best 3 handicap adjusted scores, this means that in order to be eligible for the league you need to shoot a minimum of six rounds over the summer season, club target days run each Sunday so there are plenty of opportunities.

Handicaps can be found online using, by entering scores onto the club records manager Golden Records ( or simply ask Declan.  For a more through explanation of handicaps please see the club Handicap Page.