Road Closures

You may have seen in the local media that some major road works will commence soon on the Bromley Heath Viaduct on the A4174 ring road. The works are expected to take up to a year and will create significant issues for people using the ring road. As a result of this, a number of local roads are having diversions put in place and some are being closed temporarily to avoid them becoming rat runs.

These road closures and diversions will affect the roads around Up Yonder and consequently will affect the routes that club members use to reach Up Yonder.

There is a lot of information on South Gloucestershire Council’s website about the road works, diversions and closures ( including maps which show diversions and road closures. Below is a summary of what will be happening, but we would suggest you take 15 minutes or so to look at the maps yourself as the road works will be in place for almost a year so at some point or another the road closures and diversions will very possibly affect you.