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Junior Boys All-Time Records
Junior Girls All-Time Records

Record Breakers

Since January 2013, the club has been maintaining lists on a month-by-month basis of how All-Time records have been broken.

Lists are available for 2013201420152016, 2017 and 2018.


The U12 age category is the youngest recognised by Archery GB. As we have a large Junior section within our club of whom a fair few are not just under 12 but well under 10, the club also maintains a list of records shot (since 2011) by Juniors who are (or were) under 10.

Annual Records

Annual records are set within any one particular year. Unlike all-time records where archers can set records in age categories above their own, annual records can only be set by archers within their own age category.

Current year (2018) - Outdoor: Boys OutdoorGirls Outdoor.

Current year (2017/18) - Indoor: Boys IndoorGirls Indoor.

Previous Outdoor: Boys 2017Girls 2017,Boys 2016Girls 2016Boys 2015Girls 2015Boys 2014Girls 2014Boys 2013Girls 2013Boys 2012Girls 2012Boys 2011Girls 2011.

Previous Indoor: Boys 2016/17Girls 2016/17Boys 2015/16Girls 2015/16Boys 2014/15Girls 2014/15Boys 2013/14Girls 2013/14Boys 2012/13Girls 2012/13Boys 2011/12Girls 2011/12.

Archery GB's Progress Scheme

Cleve Juniors has signed-up to Archery GB's Progress Award scheme. This is a scheme, primarily for Juniors, which rewards improved performance with some badges ! You can click here to find an introduction to the Progress scheme.

From October 2012, we have also started maintaining a list of record holders of Progress Rounds. As the Progress scheme recognises Under-10 as an age category, we also keep a list of Progress Round records set by U10s in the club's list of U10 records.


combined list of Clout records for Boys and Girls can be found here.

Click on the following link for a document explaining a little more about Clout, its scoring system and the distances shot according to age.

Extinct Age Groups, Rounds and Records

The club holds records in age categories which are no longer officially recognised. Those which are available are: Girls U9Boys U9Girls U13. The club also holds records for rounds which are no longer officially recognised.

Helpful Information and Further Questions

Click here for an introductory guide to the sorts of rounds and scoring systems we tend to use at Juniors on a Saturday morning.

There is no age restriction on which rounds an archer may shoot. However, official records are only maintained for certain rounds according to the age of the archer. A document explaining more about rounds and age categories can be found here.

Once an archer has shot three recognised rounds, (s)he will qualify for a formal handicap and qualification. Click here for the current list of handicaps and classifications for Juniors. The club's Senior Records Officer has provided a very useful guide to the handicapping and classification system.

guide to the types of badges which can be won at tournaments has been written to help you claim for the right badge at the right time.

If you have any questions about Junior Records, please contact the club's Junior Records Officer, Andy Perkins.