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Equipment Tuning

There are a number of guides available to help you to tune your equipment to get the best out of it. A well-tuned bow, that is matched to your arrows will help you to achieve better groups and improve your scores.

This document from Easton Archery includes step-by-step tuning procedures for obtaining optimum performance and accuracy from your bow and arrow setup. Also included are equipment setup tips, and suggested solutions to most bow tuning problems.

Tuning procedures for the three most popular shooting setups are described and abbreviated throughout the manual as follows:

  • Recurve bows, using finger release (RF)
  • Compound bows, using finger release (CF)
  • Compound bows, using a release aid (CR)

This link will take you to Rick Stonebraker's tuning guide:

Tuning For Tens

Steve Ellison has a good set of basic tuning guides here:

Bow Tuning Tests

and a good guide all about bow stabilisation:

Bow Stabilisation




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