Aug 18, 2017
Cleve Archers Ltd where we are today.

Jun 26, 2017
Significant diversions and road closures around Up Yonder will be taking place for almost a year due to major road works on the A4174 ring road.

May 23, 2017

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Senior's Results

Aug 18, 2017

New Field Update

Cleve Archers

Our Club

Cleve Archers are committed to creating an environment in which all have an equal opportunity to engage in the sport and to promote the Club within the local community and sports organisations in the region.

Cleve Archers are in the process of preparing a new field at Moorend just 5 minutes from our leased facility. Full planning permission has been granted by South Gloucestershire Council:  APPLICATION NO: PT15/0140/F

We have planning permission to level the field and erect a new clubhouse. We are currently looking for new quotes to carry out the necessary work.

This project will transform an unused agricultural field into an environmental friendly community led venue for the sport of archery. 

It will include:

  • site preparation and levelling
  • carpark grading
  • new entrance and security gate
  • wheelchair access tothe outdoor archery range
  • landscaping
  • a clubhouse with an indoor shooting range.

The project is being planned in two phases:

Phase 1 – Outdoor shooting range

Includes the creation of new access from Bromley Heath Road, levelling the field, entrance surface, car park surface, wheelchair access surface to shooting line, new automated entrance gate. Estimated cost £40,000.

We would like to begin to use the new outdoor range at the earliest opportunity. Completion of this phase would allow the club to enjoy the facility and generate income while we continue to work on phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2 – Clubhouse and utilities

Includes the erection of a clubhouse, ancillary buildings and associated works, utilities (water and electric), and landscaping.  Estimated cost £200,000.

Cleve Archers are in the process of applying to Sport England for a grant from their Community Asset Fund for the clubhouse and utilities.

For this project to be successful we will need the support of all our members and would like to ask for your advice and suggestions to ensure that Cleve Archers is a viable entity in the local community and can offer our club members a modern archery facility to be prou

Where We Are Today

Cleve Archers is now a company limited by guarantee which is used by not-for-profit organisations (such as sporting clubs, interest groups, representative bodies or charities). We do not have share capital and the liability of our members is limited to the amount of the guarantee which in our case is £1.00.

We have recently become a Community Amateur Sports Club.

The Community Amateur Sports Club ( CASC ) allows local amateur sports clubs to register with HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) and benefit from a range of tax reliefs, including Gift Aid on donations (not membership fees).

We are registered as a Clubmark club which is necessary to work with schools and community groups and looked on favourably when applying for funding.

We are an Archery GB Ontarget club which is another avenue for funding.

We are currently registering with South Gloucestershire County Council for a grant for community projects.

Woodland Trust has agreed to supply us with 550 trees and shrubs for the new field. We are looking to plant in November.

The Future for Cleve Archers 

On the transfer of the club to the new field at Moorend the cost of utilities will increase but there will be no lease or rent payable. It is envisioned that the annual lease payment will cover the cost of electricity, water, and sewerage.

The field will be open 7 days a week from sunrise until sunset. There will be free community session on a regular basis throughout the year, beginner courses, improver sessions, junior club and coaching.

Our own indoor range would give all our club members the opportunity to improve their skills and personal progression. We have a good number of performance archers, including one Olympic archer and a number who shoot in the County and National squads, for whom the opportunity to practice indoors on a regular basis will be a massive boost to their training regime.

The new club house will be an excellent venue for social activities and will cater for club activities throughout the year.

The new facility will encourage new membership thus increasing revenue which will be used to purchase new equipment, maintain and further enhance the facilities , provide training for the club members and ensure that we will be able to support our members and provide suitable facilities for many years to come.

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